What Should Happen Before Dental Whitening?

Cosmetic dentists can complete a wide variety of treatments. Tooth whitening is quite possibly the most common treatment used to beautify the teeth. And, while most people can safely receive whitening treatments, your dentist may have a few suggestions about things you need to do before the gel is placed on your pearly whites. Keep reading to find out what these things are.

Dental Cleaning

Before any cosmetic treatment is completed, your cosmetic dentist will need to inspect the condition of the teeth. And, a cleaning will most likely need to be completed. Dental whitening works by getting into the cracks of the enamel and breaking up the debris within them. However, if your teeth are covered with tartar, the gel cannot reach the cracks and thus it cannot do its job. While you may see some results as some of the surface stains are released, the results will be less than spectacular.

So, you want to work with your dental professional to have a cleaning performed before your whitening. A cleaning scheduled about one to two weeks before your cosmetic appointment will work best. This way, tartar is unlikely to return afterward. However, you should pay close attention to your oral care by flossing and brushing every morning and evening until the whitening is completed.

Cavity Filling

You may think that your whitening treatment will be able to remove some of the darker spots on your teeth. Some of these spots are likely the result of staining agents, like the chromogens that are contained in your coffee. However, many spots are the result of developing cavities. Cavities must always be removed before your whitening. Since cavities are small holes in the enamel, the chemical agents used for whitening can easily pool in these areas and degrade the sensitive tooth dentin underneath. Also, your whitening treatment will appear less than dazzling if you do not attend to the dark cavities.

Since cavity treatments can cause some sensitivity, you may want to wait two to four weeks afterward before seeing your cosmetic dentist for the whitening. This will allow the tooth nerves to calm down before another treatment is completed. 

Since you are working to beautify your teeth, think about having your cosmetic dentist perform the fillings. This way, the resin compound can be best matched to a post lightened shade of enamel. 

To find out about dental whitening and what must be done before treatments can be completed, speak with a cosmetic dentist like one at Pinon Hills Dental

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