3 Clear Reasons Invisalign Is A Good Orthodontic Treatment

Do you have crooked teeth and do not want to get traditional braces? Individuals have numerous reasons for not wanting traditional braces. Most of their reasons are related to appearance. Some adults feel like they are too old to have braces. There are also individuals of all ages who may fear that they will dislike the appearance of braces in their own mouths. Some individuals have jobs or lifestyles that may make them leery about getting braces.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can bridge the gap between getting straight teeth and being discreet about the process. Just as the name suggests, this orthodontic option is nearly invisible.

Clear removable aligners are placed over teeth. The aligners must be worn for most of the day, but they can be removed when needed. As the teeth straighten, new aligners are made to progress through each stage of straightening. Continue reading to learn more about how Invisalign could straighten your teeth without inconveniencing your lifestyle.

Easy Hygiene Routines

Invisalign aligners can be removed during oral hygiene tasks such as brushing and flossing. The aligners can also be cleaned before replacing them in the mouth. This ensures the thorough removal of food particles. Traditional braces can trap food particles, and sometimes the oral hygiene regimen can be tedious. If it is done incorrectly, there is a risk for decalcification or tooth decay. 

Easy Maintenance

Traditional braces require periodic tightening. There is also a risk of brackets breaking and needing to get repaired. Aligners require special attention when teeth move into straightened positions. Routine orthodontic appointments will detect when it is time for new aligners. Other than the required replacement of aligners, Invisalign wearers should only need to replace aligners if they lose them. 

Easy Lifestyle Convergence

Wearing aligners to straighten teeth should cause little or no interruption to your lifestyle. This is appealing for individuals with a busy and active lifestyle because they do not have the same level of concerns and restrictions that they could face with other orthodontic treatments. 

Traditional braces can cause mouth injuries during contact sports. The injuries can damage teeth, the inner jaw, and gums. Wounds such as bruising and cuts can occur. Aligners can be removed during sports activities, and a mouthguard can be inserted during the activity. 

An orthodontist is a good resource to use to learn more about Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments. They can help you compare orthodontic procedures and determine the options that best complement your preferences and lifestyle. 

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